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Debbie Elliot
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Debbie Elliot

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Meet Debbie Elliot

I first entered the real estate business in 1979 with Lyon Real Estate. I am now in the Lyon Land Park Office after 38 years in the business. My knowledge and love of the business includes the greater Sacramento area. My connection and knowledge of the Delta where I am known as a specialist stems being from a fifth generation farming family, known as Stillwater Orchards or David J. Elliot & Son where my family has grown Pears since the 1850's. 

My expertise in real estate is in older homes from extensive training with my mentor Bonnie Fitzpatrick, & my background at U.C Berkeley and taking architecture classes at Wurster Hall gave my valuable knowledge about architects and design. I have been fortunate to represent many sellers who have unique homes, designed by architects such as William Wurster, Carter Sparks, Dean Unger, Caywood, along with many others such as Nathaniel Godell who did the Governors Mansion in Sacramento. Some of these homes are along the Sacramento River rich in history and are now on the National Register. As well I have sold homes that have signature landscape architects such as John McClaren who did the Golden Gate Park and Thomas Church. I love unique architecture, and specialize in selling Riverfront & Rural properties, which include vineyards, ranches and land.

My first and foremost passion as a farmer's daughter is my tie & love of the Delta and enjoy planting people there who appreciate it's beauty and uniqueness and want to help preserve it. . I love art, gardening, cooking , nature, skiing and love the outdoors. As well as politics, my original sphere of influence. 

Along with food comes wine,so I am also am a vintner growing grapes on my ranch in Clarksburg known as "Stillwater Oaks." I have a great partner who also has an eye for Architect Rodney Faszer who works with me. We are a great team.